What students and parents write about creativepiano

…she has learned sooooooo incredibly much with you and plays the pieces completely voluntarily at home. We are really grateful to you – she could not have entered the world of music better than with you.


A student's mom

Thanks a lot dear Stefan! Julia always looks forward to the piano lessons and it is very nice to see that she is making progress and the joy of learning is fully there 🙂


A student's mom

Thank you for teaching me. Every piano lesson is a little adventure for me!



…I owe it mainly to you that I can play in such a band today!!! The understanding of pop, arrangements, chord progressions, how to play in a band with other musicians and how to accompany properly, you were the first one who has brought me that far and thank you for that! I had the best one there!


Siamese Elephants, former student

I wanted to thank you for these superb piano lessons. It was really special having such a cool and great piano teacher.

Anna-Lena S.

Former student

Our daughter Hannah has been taking lessons at creativepiano since September and what can I say, she is so excited and comes out of the lessons with so much joy. Even after a long day at school, she still sits down and practices the pieces on her own.
Thank you so much for such wonderful, insightful support in her learning.


A student's mom

Thank you for bringing such a smile to Karin’s face! She really enjoys playing the piano!

Birgit M.

Mother of a student

I have enjoyed lessons very much and with you I have learned the most (of all the piano teachers I have had before). Thank you very much for that!


Former student

It’s a shame I can’t stay for another hour today.



…today is my lucky day: first I get my Advent calendar, then I get my St. Nicholas bag and then I get to go to Stefan!



Thank you Stefan for the great piano lessons. You took my finger dexterity and thinking in harmonies to the next level. At the recitals, I was allowed to get used to playing in front of an audience, despite the bigger age difference to the younger pianists. We were on the same page when it came to choosing pieces, and that gave me particular enjoyment.


Engineer, former student

We are really happy that Adam can learn to play the piano with you. We are looking forward to his further development…


A student's mom

Thank you very much Mr. Lechner! Thanks to you Aaron loves playing the piano.


A student's mom

David has been practicing by himself several times a day since he has been taking lessons with you! He analyzes pieces that interest him and works out pieces by himself outside of lessons if there is no sheet music available for them. He obviously enjoys making music a lot.


A student's dad

Our daughter is really enthusiastic about the piano lessons with Stefan. She always plays for us at home by herself what she has practiced in the lesson and we can’t believe that no intervention from our side is necessary to get her to sit at the piano.

We put this down to Stefan’s unique teaching concept and his calm, uplifting manner and are very happy that our daughter was able to join his program. Thank you very much!


A student's mum

Stefan is a great piano teacher and excellent musician. Classes are casual, fun, and productive. Stefan is a wonderful companion on the way to learning to play the piano!



I felt very comfortable from the first moment! He’s completely responsive to wishes and if they are feasible, he implements them in such a way that you can work with them! It is a pleasure to go to the piano lesson!


Computer specialist, former student

I just want to say thank you – the piano lessons really enriched my youth and my life overall!


Photographer, former student

Stefan has been my piano teacher for 15 years – and he will always be!

This outstanding musician – I have been able to experience him in various band formations, as a soloist as well as musical accompanist for renowned artists – knew from the very beginning how to reconcile my passion for piano playing with the little time I have available in order to make progress. With his enormous expertise, his empathy for musical situations and his sensitive manner, he turns every lesson into something special; monotony is a non-occurring vocabulary for us.

I always had and still have the opportunity to choose my own songs, which I particularly like. If a song was too difficult for me at the beginning, Stefan prepared it for my level. That’s what I call a really cool lesson, it makes practicing really fun. Also, with his unconventional and relaxed suggestions as well as practice tips, I manage not only to master difficult passages, but also to remember them.

Stefan always gives you a positive feeling and the courage to achieve every goal you set for yourself. I have always succeeded so far. I appreciate Stefan not only as a gifted musician and really great piano teacher, but also and above all as a person with a wonderful character. I am very proud to be Stefan’s student!



It was a very nice time that I look back on fondly and that has definitely shaped and influenced me! Thank you for your lessons, your patience and everything I was able to learn from you! Stay as you are!!! 😉


Physiotherapist, former student

We have been looking for piano lessons for our daughter for a while now and are very happy that we’ve found Stefan. His unique teaching style always brings a smile to her face 😉


A student's dad

Right from the start, Stefan has been a boundlessly committed, pleasant teacher who does his best to get the most out of every teaching unit.

With his friendly, easy-going manner, he takes away nervousness and at the same time gives courage when a large workload has to be mastered in a very short time.

He is a versatile musician (with a wonderful instrument!) who can give good practice tips, a variety of alternative possibilities, approaches and ideas. All of this helps to direct the endless possibilities of music into meaningful paths and to achieve great results. Great service at a fair price. Thanks very much!


former student

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