Experience the progress of 8 weeks in 4 days

The summer piano program for children aged 6-10 at creativepiano

What do creativepiano lessons look like during the school vacations?

The creativepiano Summer Camp

A creativepiano summer camp (=intensive week) lasts 4 days in a row and your child comes to the creativepiano studio for 2.5 hours a day (i.e. 2.5 x 4 = 10) for intensive music-making.

These piano lessons are suitable for children aged 6-10.

This is the ideal learning environment, not just for a short trial, but to learn the most important basics of piano playing in just a few days.

And by the way: you don’t need a piano at home!

Here is an excerpt of what children can experience in a creativepiano intensive week

More than enough teaching time

Enjoy 2.5 hours of relaxed time at the piano every day, 4 days in a row.

Good practice habits right from the start

Learn all the pieces with the teacher in class and get really good at working on new material!

Strong note reading

Become a pro at reading music and sight-reading – the most important skill children need to play more music.

8 weeks in 4 days

With such intensive piano playing, it can happen that a newcomer works through almost an entire piano book.

No practicing at home necessary

Many children love the fact that they practice thoroughly at the studio, the rest of the day is available for other things!

Boost of confidence and motivation

Your child is warmly supported and the learning environment gives confidence to try and stick with it “I can do this”

Balance between work and fun

Each day is varied: independent practice, group interaction, games for consolidation and more…

State-of-the-art piano lessons

Play with professional backing tracks and reinforce what you’ve learned with exciting apps. Fun and variety are always guaranteed!

What parents and students say about creativepiano…

…she has learned sooooooo much from you and plays the pieces at home on the piano completely voluntarily. We are really very grateful to you – she couldn’t have entered the world of music any better than with you.


A student's mom

Many thanks dear Stefan! Julia always looks forward to the piano lessons and it is very nice to see that she is making progress and that she really enjoys learning 🙂


A student's mom

Dear Stefan!
Thank you for teaching me. Every piano lesson is a little adventure for me!



Our daughter Hannah has been attending lessons at creativepiano since September and what can I say, she is so enthusiastic and comes out of the lessons with so much joy. Even after a long day at school, she still sits down and practises her pieces on her own.
Thank you so much for such wonderful, empathetic support with her learning.

A student's mom

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