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Frequently asked questions about piano lessons

Where is the creativepiano Studio located?

creativepiano Studio is located at: Seidengasse 44/18, 1070 Vienna

How long is a piano lesson?

60 minutes, enough time to run errands in the meantime

Is there a weekly lesson?

Yes, except during Viennese school vacations.
In total there are 16 units per semester (32 units per school year)

Do classes also take place during school vacation?

No, but summer camps are held during summer vacation

If two siblings want to attend class, can they come together?

Yes, of course. Our teaching model is designed to meet the needs of busy parents

Do I need to buy piano books for my child?

The necessary basic piano books are already included in the monthly fee

What payment options are available?

Bank transfer, paypal or cash

Does my child need a piano at home?

In the first weeks of lessons it’s not necessary, because the 60 minutes per week in class are already very productive.
When you are ready to buy or rent a piano after a few weeks, I will give you important tips and valuable information.

What times are available for weekly classes?

Lesson times:

Monday Wednesday Friday
14:00-14:50 Intro 14:00-15:00 creativepiano
15:00-16:00 creativepiano 15:00-16:00 creativepiano 15:00-16:00 creativepiano
16:00-17:00 creativepiano 16:00-17:00 creativepiano 16:00-17:00 creativepiano
17:00-18:00 creativepiano 17:00-18:00 creativepiano 17:00-18:00 creativepiano
18:10-19:00 Intro 18:10-19:00 Intro

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From what age does creativepiano accept children?

creativepiano offers a lesson program specially tailored for elementary school children and accepts only beginners from 6-10 years old

Which piano method is used in lessons at creativepiano?

creativepiano uses Faber Piano Adventures.
This method offers a very modern, holistic approach and has proven excellent for our teaching model.

We also use Piano Express, which is a complete learning system including a web app. This assesses students’ note and rhythm accuracy and complements lessons and practice at home with “gamification”.

Do you also teach children who have already had lessons with other teachers?

creativepiano does not accept transfer students, but only pure beginners from 6-10 years old.
There are so many different teaching methods and piano schools that transferring to our very specific teaching model would usually cause unnecessary difficulties for your child.

Exception: If your child is already learning from the Faber Piano Adventures piano method, then it is definitely worth trying to come to an introductory session.

Do you also teach adults?

creativepiano specializes in lessons for children ages 6 to 10. Currently we do not offer a program specifically for adults.

Can my child make up a missed class?

You can cancel a lesson with a minimum of 6 hours notice and receive a make-up credit for your child.

You can use this credit for another lesson (depending on availability and your own initiative).

There are no refunds for unused make-up credits.

Can my child continue learning with you once they pass age 10?

Yes, of course.

The age restriction of 6-10 refers to what I believe is the best fit for my piano program.

Once inside they can go as long as they wish under my guidance.

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