Piano lessons

Piano lessons with Stefan Lechner in Vienna

Experience the beauty of piano playing, discover the musician in you, be enchanted by the sound of the piano.

Do you want to enroll your child in piano lessons?

My desire is to see your child excel in music, have fun at the keyboard, and enjoy playing at home each day.

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What is exceptional about piano lessons at creativepiano?

Piano lessons are 60 minutes each week.

This allows your child to learn more music each week.

Your child’s sight-reading skills are improved dramatically (THE most important skill to learn more music quickly).

Your child moves through the piano books at a much faster rate.

Home practice is all about review and increasing speed, not trying to figure out the unknown.

Even with little home practice your child will progress at least as fast as with a traditional method. (Imagine progress with average or above average home practice)

There is no need for you to make your child practice at home, he/she learns all the music at the piano lesson.

Your child becomes more independent and self-confident, so at home your child tends to sit down at the piano by him/herself.


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