Piano Lessons

For Children ages 6-10

Did you know that your child can learn the piano twice as fast?

I didn’t know myself until a few years ago.

When I started teaching piano 20 years ago, I taught the same traditional way that I was taught myself.

However, I quickly realized that I was struggling to motivate my students to practice at home. Many didn’t know what and how to practice, or they didn’t have “time” because of homework and other extracurricular activities.

Practicing the piano was hard work for both children and their parents, and there was little to no progress.

I felt that students didn’t enjoy playing the piano, even though all children love music!

Piano lessons at creativepiano offer a solution

For years I was looking for a “better” teaching method that would bring more joy and success to children.

Eventually I found a way to teach piano that helps children to learn faster and more effectively, while practicing at home feels easy!

The results were impressive – motivation and progress skyrocketed.

Since then, my students have been playing more pieces each week than ever before. Now they have more self-confidence, they can focus much longer and want to show what they have learned at home!

The excitement they show when they can play a piece they love is just priceless!

But wait …

Why doesn’t everyone use this teaching method?

Almost every piano teacher teaches using traditional teaching methods and can achieve results for their students.

In fact, I myself used traditional methods for years before I discovered a new method.

BUT: Traditional teaching methods will NOT get your child to practice on their own and will ONLY make progress if ALL of these requirements are met:

  • The teacher must be good
  • The student must understand everything from the lesson
  • The student needs to remember everything from the piano lesson and must be able to reproduce it at home
  • The student must practice at home (independently or as instructed by parents)
  • The student must practice effectively and conscientiously at home
  • The student must be able to perform under pressure for the teacher at the lesson

If only one area has gaps, progress will slow down significantly. If there are gaps in two areas, progress comes to a halt.

How did I do it?

In traditional piano lessons, the real work happens at home, students are on their own and are expected to practice effectively and properly.

At creativepiano I take the pressure off to allow stress-free practice at home.

At creativepiano I ensure that students practice successfully in the lesson before they go home.

In this way, all students develop good practice habits right from the start. At home they tend to sit down at the piano more often because they only repeat what they’ve already practiced in the lesson.

The problem of practicing is solved in a simple yet ingenious way and students progress like magic, often up to twice as fast as in traditional lessons!

See for yourself how easy it can feel for your child and book an intro lesson today!

What is different about piano lessons at creativepiano?

Enough Time

Piano lessons are 60 minutes each week.

Practice the right way

Your child practices and learns all pieces in the lesson and receives constant feedback.

Strong Sight-Reading Skills

Your child will improve significantly in sight-reading and reading music (the most important skill for learning many new pieces quickly).

Faster Progress

Your child works through the piano books at a much faster rate.

Reviewing at Home

Practicing at home is all about reviewing and speeding up what was learned in the lesson. It’s not about learning new pieces or concepts.

Independence from the start

Your child will become more independent and self-confident, so that they tend to sit down at the piano on their own at home.

Better than traditional lessons

Even with little practice at home, your child will make progress similar to traditional methods.

No conflicts at home

You are released from the responsibility of getting your child to practice at home. Everything is already learned and practiced in the lesson. Conflicts over practicing at home are a thing of the past.

Three easy steps to a child who loves going to piano lessons

Step 1

Click here and book your intro lesson TODAY!

Step 2

Your child will learn 4-6 pieces and you will find out everything about my unique teaching program!

Step 3

Enroll your child for weekly piano lessons so they can learn the pieces they love!

Do you want to find out more? Then arrange an intro lesson today, watch me in action, I’ll put a smile on your child’s face and tell you everything about my teaching program.