Piano lessons that build confidence

For children age 6-10

Piano lessons at creativepiano are different

Piano lessons at creativepiano give children an enormous boost of self-confidence.

Imagine your child sitting down confidently at the piano surprising family and friends by effortlessly playing pieces.

Discover the main reason why students often don’t feel comfortable with “traditional” lessons and how I help them love their piano lessons!

Our unique teaching model reduces anxiety and builds your child’s self-confidence

creativepiano has an open ear for the needs and concerns of busy parents

Trying to juggle all your kids’ activities? Scheduling? A never-ending to-do list?

If these day-to-day challenges leave you feeling tense, believe me, as a father of two, I understand only too well.

Because of course you want your child to be happy and satisfied, you want the best for your child.

That’s why there are those moments when you ask yourself: “Will there be time during the school week to positively influence my child’s development with music? Will I ever find a suitable lesson time? How will I get my child to practice? How can I help at home if I don’t have a musical education?”

At creativepiano, we can’t add more hours to the day, but we make lessons as convenient as possible for you.

Because your child is practicing and learning music in the lesson and needs little to no help at home.

So you can take a break and have earned a moment of rest.

What parents and students say about creativepiano…

Thanks a lot dear Stefan! Julia always looks forward to the piano lessons and it is very nice to see that she is making progress and the joy of learning is fully there 🙂


A student's mom

Thank you for teaching me. Every piano lesson is a little adventure for me!



Our daughter Hannah has been taking lessons at creativepiano since September and what can I say, she is so excited and comes out of the lessons with so much joy. Even after a long day at school, she still sits down and practices the pieces on her own.
Thank you so much for such wonderful, insightful support in her learning.

A student's mom

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