When you play music, you discover a part of yourself that you never knew existed.
(Bill Evans)

My name is Stefan Lechner (creativepiano) and I’m a pianist and piano teacher in Vienna.

Born and raised in Tyrol I received my first piano lessons at the age of 10, but soon was so absorbed by this wonderful instrument that it quickly has become a lifelong passion. (Some might even call it an “obsession”)

In the beginning I was taught mostly classical, later I also discovered what incredible possibilities the piano had to offer in the style of popular music and so I decided to not separate different styles so strictly anymore.

I graduated from University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna in Jazz piano (with minor in classical piano) as well as in classical cello.

Meanwhile I look back on over 15 years of teaching experience in classical piano as well as in jazz/rock/pop. At the moment I am teaching at the Music school Ebenfurth/Neufeld/Eggendorf/Zillingdorf and of course in my own private piano studio creativepiano. Next to my teaching many years of experience as a band musician and a piano accompanist for singers and instrumentalists have greatly influenced me in my own musical development.

I offer modern piano lessons, tailored to individual needs and interests and support you in your musical and technical development on the instrument.

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