Summer Camp Information Page

Experience 8 weeks of progress in 4 days

What is summer camp a.k.a. an intensive week?

Since many families travel at different times during the summer months of July and August, a 4-day-in-a-row format has proven more effective and more convenient instead of weekly piano lessons.

Why an intensive week?

Children who participate in one or two intensive weeks in the summer have clear advantages when it comes time to return to weekly classes in the fall, because they don’t experience a relapse.

On the contrary, they take the momentum from June with them, make great progress in the summer, and pick right up where they left off in the fall.

If the summer remains without any lessons, the first 1-2 months in the fall are almost exclusively for getting back to the pre-summer level.

How many days are there in an intensive week?

An intensive week lasts 4 days in a row and your child comes 2,5 hours per day (so 2,5 x 4 = 10) to the creativepiano studio for intense music making.

What are the available times?

Lesson times are scheduled every day in the morning at the same time: 9:30 – 12:00

In case of high demand, an additional class time is offered in the afternoon: 15:30 – 18:00 (flexible, could also be earlier)

What will be learned?

The focus is on practicing many new pieces on the piano, completing them and deepening much of it through the use of digital learning tools and games. So fun and variety is guaranteed!

What is the experience regarding the intensive week?

  • By working intensively on several days in a row, I have observed noticeable progress in a short period of time
  • Many kids love the fact that they don’t have to practice at home that week. They come to the studio, practice there with my support and the rest of the day is free for other things!
  • It’s the right balance of work and fun, each day is designed with variety: independent practice, group interaction, games for reinforcement and more…
  • I’ve found that two or two and a half hours of play, creativity and practice is just about right. I repeatedly hear, “What, we’re done for today?”
  • Students work through about 8 weeks worth of material in just 4 days and get a huge boost in confidence and motivation!

Can my child participate in multiple weeks?

This is of course possible. Your child can participate in as many weeks as he or she wants. However, I recommend participating in different weeks, i.e. not a morning intensive week and an afternoon intensive week in the same week.

Is there a discount when I sign up my child for multiple weeks?

Yes, for each additional registered intensive week there is a €30 reduction.

Which and how many intensive weeks are there to choose from?

Usually there are 3-4 different weeks to choose from. The exact weeks are listed in the info email sent out in spring for the intensive week.

Can my child attend morning and afternoon sessions in the same week?

This is not recommended. The morning and afternoon sessions are two “separate” intensive weeks, even if they take place in the same week. Besides, 5 hours a day would be a bit too much for most children.

How many children can participate?

Between 3 and 5 children can participate in a 4-day intensive week.

Can a sibling come along?

A sibling who has never played the piano and is between 6 and 10 years old is very welcome to sign up.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes, absolutely! The second child gets a €20,- discount.

Where does the intensive week take place?

As always at the creativepiano Studio at Seidengasse 44/18, 1070 Vienna.

What does an intensive week cost?

The cost is €240,- for an intensive week (=10 hours). For new beginners there is an additional charge of €27,- for level 1 of the piano method books.

Is there a deadline?

The current deadline is in the info email for the intensive week, usually end of May. Late registrations are possible if there are still free places.

When and where can I register my child?

Please reply to the info email you have already received and let me know which weeks and which times of the day (mornings/afternoons) are suitable for you.

In the next step you will receive an email confirming a suitable week for you. This may be delayed for organizational reasons, please be patient.

Afterwards you can register your child via the link in the confirmation email.

For new beginners: Does my child already need a piano at home?

No. The 4-day intensive week is an excellent way to get to know the piano. With 2,5 hours a day, practicing at home is not necessary.

More questions?

Feel free to call me or write me.

What does it all look like in pictures?

Below are photo series from past intensive weeks: