Studio Policy

creativepiano Studio Policy

(as of February 2021, subject to change)


Requirements at Home

Everyone must have a digital piano with 88 weighted keys or an acoustic, tuned piano at home. I am happy to give (also inexpensive) recommendations for renting or buying. Keyboards are not suitable and should not be used.

Furthermore all students are required to have access to a laptop or tablet with a working camera and microphone that would enable them to have their lessons online should the need arise.

Your progress is primarily determined by deliberate, regular quality practice. Please ask questions if you or your child do not understand assignments.


Location, Lesson Style, Holidays

Piano lessons take place weekly at a creativepiano location in the 7th district in Vienna.

Beginners enter the creativepiano express program (CEP), children of primary school age have priority. If my schedule allows it, advanced students move on to private lessons.

If lessons can’t take place at my studio for various reasons (e.g. statutory lockdown or similar reasons) they are automatically continued as online lessons, which are considered equivalent.

No classes are held during Viennese school holidays and on public holidays. If your child has different holiday periods, it is unfortunately not possible for me to take that into account. Please keep this in mind before registering.


Tuition/Book Fee

The tuition fee covers 16 lessons per semester, paid in 5 installments and is due every 5th of the month.

Due to inflation, there is an increase in tuition of up to 2,5% at the beginning of each school year (September).

CEP only: Students are charged a flat rate between €40,- and €60,- for lesson material (method books, sheet music and studio licensed apps) at the beginning of each semester.


Commitment, Termination and Special Circumstances

Enrolling for a semester subscription is valid for a whole semester and is allocated according to free spots. With your registration you enter into a contract that is automatically renewed every semester.

Cancellation is always possible up to four weeks before the end of the semester and must be in writing (e-mail, short message).

In consultation with me, lessons will be credited under special circumstances (e.g. in the event of a long illness, moving, high school graduation)


creativepiano Student Portal

Registered students and parents receive access to the creativepiano student portal.

It is necessary to make use of the portal to view current studio information, charges & payments, appointments, lending library, media files and the timetable. This is the place where you can also cancel lessons or redeem make-up credits (see below).


Cancellation Policy, Make-Up Credits

Sometimes it could happen that I have to cancel a lesson. This will be made up for or credited if the total number of lessons per semester is less than 16 as a result.

Lessons missed by students are converted into a make-up credit and can easily be rescheduled in the student portal, if a slot opens up.

You have to personally cancel your lesson up to 6 hours in advance in the student portal. A make-up credit entitles you to make up a lesson, if you register in a free slot up to 4 hours in advance. Make-up credits are valid for 1 year.


Media Release Policy

Pictures, videos or recordings of students may be posted on the creativepiano studio website and included in studio publications and studio-related social media using first names only.

Pictures, videos or recordings taken by the teacher or being shared with the teacher by other parents or students can be used at the discretion of the teacher in regards to the studio.

Online safety rules are followed in this matter.



Please wash your hands thoroughly with soap before lessons at my studio and stay at home when you’re not well. Fingernails should be trimmed.

Please arrive on time and well-prepared for each piano lesson and bring your sheet music and notes with you. I ask you to enter my studio a maximum of 5 minutes before your class time to respect the time that I make for my other students or for myself.

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