A good age to start taking piano lessons is 6 years for most children.

With a few exceptions I only teach children from this age on (primary school children) but there are a lot of children that should start piano lessons before the age of 6.

In that case I recommend looking for a teacher with a lot of experience in that age group.

If your child meets some of the following conditions, starting at an earlier age can be possible:

  • your child shows musical interest through humming, singing or dancing
  • you have a piano at home and your child regularly explores its sounds
  • your child can count and recognize numbers from 1-10
  • your child can distinguish between left and right
  • your child knows and recognizes the first seven letters of the alphabet
  • your child is surrounded by a lot of music and singing at home

In this case, it may be possible to start as early as age four.

However, you should bear in mind that active help of a parent Is absolutely necessary.