Provisions and guidelines for the registration of piano lessons with Stefan Lechner

(as of March 2018, subject to change)

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My commitments

I bring the language of music closer to you or your child. In doing so, I adapt myself to each pupil and go into the individual needs, because every person is different.

My studio/classroom is regularly maintained and kept clean, offers an appealing learning atmosphere and a beautiful instrument with great richness of sound, so that we can give free space to the creativity and joy of the music.

First of all, I would like to share with you in your time: that through music you give expression to what else you cannot say or what you do not find words for.

Your obligations

You or your child arrive punctually and reliably at every piano lesson, are well prepared and have the notes or records with you. The basic requirement for achieving learning progress is daily practice. To create a suitable routine, you should actively support your child. Please be sure to ask me questions if you or your child do not understand tasks.

All students have the opportunity to attend a class evening per school year. Although this is not obligatory, I recommend participation for various reasons. More about this here.

Everyone must have access to an acoustic piano, preferably at home. Keyboards are not accepted, digital pianos with 88 weighted keys are allowed, but do not offer the sound richness of a real piano. (See also FAQs-Questions about the instrument)

Class, lesson time, vacation

The lessons take place weekly in my studio in the Silk Alley 44, 1070 Vienna as individual lessons. For 4-5-year-old children, group lessons are also possible as a playful preparation.

No classes are held in the Vienna school holidays and on public holidays. If your child has other holiday periods, it is unfortunately not possible for me to take account of it. Please be sure to keep this in mind before registering. During the summer holidays you can booking four lessons with the summer card.

Tuition fees

The semester fee is paid on every 5. Of the month is due. It is a bit cheaper if you pay the entire semester fee at one time, in the winter semester to 15. September, in the summer semester to 15. February. The summer card is on the 15th. July due.

The costs that you invest in high-quality piano lessons include not only the pure teaching time that I spend with you or your child, but also preparations, research and planning of the teaching repertoire, administration and correspondence, Teaching experience, training, room rental, instrument maintenance and much more. More about this here.

Binding and termination

The registration for the semester ticket is valid for a whole semester and is awarded according to free places. With your registration, you enter into a contract that automatically extends each semester. A cancellation is always possible before the end of the semester. If you do not wish to continue the piano lessons, I ask for written notice up to 4 weeks before the end of the current semester.

Provisions in the event of cancellation

Teaching units which I have to cancel due to illness or an artistic obligation are not normally recouped. However, I undertake to comply with at least 16 teaching units in the semester. If less than this time, these hours are recovered or refunded.

Lessons missed by students will not be recouped, regardless of the reasons they have to cancel.

In accordance with the free time, I try to provide you with the best possible teaching time on the day of your choice. Please also understand that with your registration I reserve a fixed weekly lesson time for you or your child in my timetable. In case of a cancellation, I am unfortunately not possible to reallocate or additional teaching time. You can also read about this topic in my blog.

Photos, video and sound recordings

Occasionally I create photos, video or sound recordings in the classroom or at events related to Creativepiano, which are published on my website or on YouTube. These recordings are helpful for other teachers or students and there is usually an exchange to obtain constructive opinions on musical or technical aspects, which ultimately serves the further education of all participants.

Please let me know if you do not want this. In general, children love to admire their achievements on my website. For publications, I use only first names.

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Download the registration form here:

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